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  Heshima PA
Ingredient/scent     Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Mother Chrysanthemum Extract

   Centella Asiatica Extract, Gold Essence, nicotinamide

  Gold Essence
Transparent gold 
30ml Or 100ml Or Your Request
  24k Gold Serum  (Box)
Efficacy   Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle moisturizing 


24k water-soluble gold foil, antioxidant, whitening and hydrating- Smoothes the signs of aging, gently nourishes the skin-Fades fine lines, lifts and tightens
Gold foil particles-activate cells: gold foil enhances cell vitality and increases the absorption capacity of the skin.
Niacinamide-wakes up the skin: enhances the overall gloss of the skin, repairs the skin, and makes the skin moist and smooth.
Plant extracts- secrete dry skin: essence pore microenvironment, improve dryness and dehydration, reveal fresh and balanced skin 


Medical studies reveal that when applied twice or thrice daily for simply 15 days, 24k gold serum will smooth and fill out wrinkles that have taken years to form. After as little as one month of regular usage, deep wrinkles, solar flare and other difficult signs of ageing are drastically minimized. Within 3 months, your skin might look 3 to 5 years more youthful – velvety smooth, elastic and glowing – without uncomfortable and pricey Botox injections!

Heshima PA


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Gold/100ml, Yellow/100ml, Gold/30ml, Yellow/30ml


100mL, 30mL


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